We at Redeemer provide one stop solutions for all your Real Estate requirements. Our prime responsibility is to manage the different key members of the Team and to bring them on one platform to fulfil the client specific requirement. We are the leading Hospitality consultants & working on national level. Redeemer has served as Hotel Consultants & developed many breathtaking hotel properties.

We do research & perform Hotel feasibility and ROI studies for hotel and mixed-use projects. As Hospitality Consultants we do site assessment, market analysis, Forecast Profit & loss ...

Project management services offers managing & add value to each & every stage of the development of Project from Pre design stage. The main objective is to manage ...

Redeemer offers the services for Hotel Brand Tie Up with the Client/ Developer. Redeemer assists the client / developer for Brand & Management selection as well as contract ...

Redeemer World assists hotel owners, hotel companies, and other investors in hotel properties to sell / buy a hotel property or portfolio for strategic or financial purposes. We ...

Estimation services focuses to reach out the Estimated cost of project even at Planning stage. Building Audit services focuses on carrying audits of Building Projects to assess the ...

Redeemer in association with our team of architects strives to Shape and Empower Environments through Smart, Sustainable, Responsive and Efficient design solutions.

Construction management service offers the services for Construction & post construction stages of development of a facility. All the project management services related to these stages applies except ...

Turnkey Construction focus on delivery of complete project starting from design development to the Handing over.

Conservation & Renovation Conservation & Renovation services focuses on services for a   place so as to retain its historical and/or architectural and/or aesthetic and/or cultural significance and includes ...



Really Great work by Redeemer World, I got my Dream House.

Dipak Kumar

Entrepreneur, Orisa

Best Constructor! Thanks for the Patience .

Virginia Borrero

De Castro

A team directed towards a timely project delivery & quality product with achieving a sense of trust in every client..



They blend with the Client to completely understand the requirement & provide a very effective customized service that covers all aspects.

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