Hotels Feasibility Studies

We do research & perform Hotel feasibility and ROI studies for hotel and mixed-use projects. As Hospitality Consultants we do site assessment, market analysis, Forecast Profit & loss statement & determine viability.
We conduct hotel feasibility study using a detailed work program that provides a step-by-step approach. This program is designed to keep the engagement flowing smoothly and within the time and cost budget. In its financial calculations for any given property, we apply the principles of the “Uniform System of Accounts for Lodging Industry”.
1. Fieldwork: We do Demand assessment, New Supply assessment, Current Supply assessment & Site assessment.
2. Secondary research and validation of field data
3. Data Processing and Financial Analysis
4. Feasibility Report and its Construct
• Detailed Market Analysis
• Product configuration
• Ten year projection of Profit & Loss statement
• Return analysis and feasibility conclusions
Markets where we may not have internationally benchmarked hotels or reliable macro/micro market data, As Hotel Consultants we consider our field survey and modify aspects accordingly.

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