Conservation & renovation


Redeemer have been involved with a variety of projects where conservation and renovation work has played a prominent part in the project. We have carried out and completed projects involving listed properties, where following the correct methods of work, and using correct and appropriate materials are of the utmost importance.
Whether the project is small or large, we understand that attention to detail is imperative, and we have a passion for ensuring that the works are carried out in a manner that is sympathetic, appropriate and correct in the surroundings.

We have used the old techniques wherever required in the process based on our experience in the areas of work like Lime mortar,External lime render,Internal lime plastering,Cob walling,Flint-work,Roof construction and repairs,Chimney re-building and renovation,Decorative brickwork and masonry repairs/renovation

This means we have the people and resources to handle your project from start to finish

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