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PostCovid – Its time to reset the things & restart our approach towards a Greener World. Society must learn from past. The focus on green living and environmental protection has never been more crucial. We have to work in a coordinated effort for Green Economy & towards Green Growth. It’s the need of hour that we must take actions which results in improved human well-being and social equity, while reducing environmental risks.

Post covid19, some major changes anticipated will be:

1. Office space – The increased demand of work from home will lead to re-thinking of office space. The safety of occupants will be on priority. We need to forget the idea of a packed meeting room. However, It remains to be seen whether working from home proves successful and productive. We need time to evaluate the quality of service we provide to our clients.

2. Commuting – daily commute will reduce; we need to look back towards reshaping of digital infrastructure & daily commute. We need to closely re-examine the patterns of public and private transport and act according to new demands. 

3. Care – We felt that now people have an increased sense of care for our people & surroundings.  They will strike a balance between work, home &social time as well.

When this crisis is over, there will be a stronger focus on strengthening communities and improving the liveability. it could signify a move to redefine high-density living. And there comes the role of Green Homes. The residential sectors consume about 24% of Electrical energy generated & this would continue to rise. The construction and operation of buildings are responsible for 40% of all energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, even more than transport or industry. The development of Green homes will be very important for our nation. Green homes will save energy up to 30% and water consumption up to 40% approximately. They will provide enhanced Indoor air quality, excellent lighting during the day, health &wellbeing, Lower energy requirement & saving of natural resources. Green Buildings/Green Homes is a powerful tool to stimulate the economy while moving the whole sector to a new and greener state. We must see this as an opportunity to shift towards green buildings or zero-emission buildings. With more people working in this sector, Green Homes will not be a distant & costlier dream. It can be achieved by focusing on parameters such as:

1. Water Conservation – We don’t need to look towards anyone for this. We just need to rewind and learn what our ancestors were doing. We just need to adopt those techniques & procedures. We don’t need to go an extra mile for this. We just need to Reduce- Recycle – Reuse. On top priority, we need to reduce consumption of Potable water, don’t allow rainwater to run off, Use treated wastewater for your gardening&cleaning. Use water-efficient machines & fixtures. Rainwater harvesting must be done properly for any construction; It will enhance Groundwater Table. Monitoring the use of water consumption is also a key factor. By adopting such techniques we can reduce water consumptions up to 40%

2. Optimum Use of Energy at Homes – Again we as a nation are blessed with Sunlight availability throughout the year. We must use the biggest source of energy The SUN. We must use roofs for generating Electrical energy through solar panels. This will not only decrease the heat load of the building but also generate electrical power, which can be directly consumed. it will reduce our monthly bills & results in environmental benefits too.  By simple & smart acts like Use of daylight, abundant ventilation, energy-efficient appliances, environment-friendly layout orientation, Energy consumption can be substantially reduced

3. The design which response – We must adopt and follow designs that create minimum disturbances to nature or local habitat. We must respect the local biodiversity. The envelope or façade of buildings should be as such that it reduces energy consumption.

4. Air-conditioning – Air conditioning is the most energy-consuming service in the building. We must try to reduce the use of Air conditioning by adopting measures like Roof & Wall Insulation, Air-filled cavities, Use of materials having a high solar reflective index& providing Natural shading to the building. It will not only help us in lesser energy bills but also help the environment by reducing Ozone-depleting emissions to a great extent.

5. Education – last but not the least, we need to educate & create awareness for Green homes among the common users, as a building consultant it’s the duty that we should make aware our client about green homes. I am sure that as a responsible citizen of the country they too will support the idea & allow us to work more on it in the bigger interest of the nation and environment.

With so many organizations & professionals working on this, I am in firm belief Green Home is no longer a distant dream. I too have a dream of making a house for my own use, but without using a Pinch of cement. I know it may come true one day. On World, Environment lets pledge that we all will work towards a better & green world.